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by Jack McDaniel | 08 February
A lot of clients when beginning a new web design project want to stick as many things as possible “above the fold,” that magical measuring line from the days of printed newspapers. They want action, moving parts and popups to capture email addresses. They want what they perceive to be sizzle. Moving images, background movies and popup messages all have their place, but is it on the home page of your website? The first thing visitors see? Probably not for most businesses. Let me examine a few of
by Jack McDaniel | 13 January
When you started your business - was that last year, 10 years ago? - you had grand visions of its purpose, place and what it would look like when success came knocking at your door. Small and medium sized businesses define success in various ways. Some want to grow large, make as much money as possible and scale the heights of public ownership and stock options. Others want to impact their communities in positive ways. For some, touching lives and improving them on an individual basis is the ult
by Jack McDaniel | 17 August
We are conditioned in this modern era to think of nearly everything as a commodity. We have had it beaten into us by one advertisement after another that shouts about low prices and discounts. There is the radio advertisement that guarantees no one will sell it for lower. And the television ad that promises your money back if you can find a lower price.
by Jack McDaniel | 26 July
Companies have voices. The best companies understand this and it pervades everything they do. Their voices come from two places I have discussed before: Why are they in business, and How will will they transform your life.
by Jack McDaniel | 26 May
There is a revolution taking place. Like all revolutions, it is a purging of the old and an adoption of something new. It is transforming America and most of you reading this are at the heart of it.
by Jack McDaniel | 04 April
All purchases are emotional. People care about two things: how are they going to benefit from purchasing your product or services – how will you transform their lives – and why are you in business.
by Jack McDaniel | 10 December
Everything you think about your website (if you have one) and your online presence is probably twisted by a lack of perspective or a false mindset. Small and local business owners often misunderstand what their website actually is.
by Jack McDaniel | 04 November
Your website – especially if it is new – is an ever-changing organism. Visitors come and go, each with his or her own agenda. For most companies, business needs and focus switch or change over time, some grow, some slide away. To win the marketing game you have to connect with people and offer them a reason to return or to use your products and services. Keeping on top of the changing face of your business is critical.
by Jack McDaniel | 16 October
ShowMemberChunk is a super-lightweight MODX snippet that allows you to customize content based upon whether or not someone is a member of a website group. It is designed to be easy to use and implement and can be up and running in minutes.
by Jack McDaniel | 15 February
Recently, I re–designed a couple of websites that reminded me how important Google can be to a business. Local businesses aren’t likely to be made online, but their online presence can solidify their market dominance. The key is learning to make Google work for you.
by Jack McDaniel | 09 November
One of today’s popular business mantras is "adapt or die." The supposition is that companies need to be responsive to customer needs and adapt to them if they want to survive and succeed (cable companies, apparently, excepted). In this fast-paced world that means you have to make quick decisions and move
by Jack McDaniel | 11 July
Each year, the Parker Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Parker area a great place to live, work and play
by Jack McDaniel | 16 November
I began Impress Design after spending many years in the corporate world in sales and marketing. My last two positions were as Director of Sales and Marketing. So, I bring a very clear understanding of the value of speaking directly to the target audience in both design and copy
by Jack McDaniel | 27 October
Tortoise or HareWalk into Life Certain Wealth Strategies in Denver, Colorado, and you will find a busy place that is somewhat out of sync with the current economy, especially given their business - Financial Planning and Investments. Many businesses today are struggling with an economy that is in recession. But at Life Certain Wealth Strategies things seem to be at the other end of the spectrum.
by Jack McDaniel | 06 October
Steve Jobs - Apple FounderThe world changes with each passing moment, sometimes for the better, too often for the worse. Recently, a leader who changed all of our lives passed away. Steve Jobs was only 56 years old, but his impact on our lives was tremendous. We all loved Steve Jobs for the incredible products Apple has given us over the years. He built the first computer that was actually fun. He made a machine our friend instead of something
by Jack McDaniel | 16 February
Erin Says is a blog about ... life. A lot of what Erin Moroni, the author, writes about are common, everyday events (and a lot of them are just plain crazy) as she and her family make their way through life.
by Jack McDaniel | 27 January
Free exposure for your business on the biggest search engines is an absolute must for any company wanting to become the Big Fish in their local or niche market. Google Places is quickly becoming online what the Yellow Pages were in the 1970s, especially with its presence on mobile devices
by Jack McDaniel | 07 July
One of the worst online practices is the use of stock photography for sales or marketing teams and organizations. You know what I mean. We've all seen them. The photo of a business team on a tech company's website, their formulaic poses, hip looks and perfect teeth
by Jack McDaniel | 10 June
Over night, it seems, we have been swept up into the world of social media, from microblogging (Twitter) to video blogging (YouTube). It can be daunting to consider all of the possibilities and opportunities to promote your brand. Time is of the essence for anyone looking to become the Big Fish in their local or niche market. Your efforts need to be focused and fine-tuned to achieve your ultimate goals. So how do you determine what social marketing is relevant to your business? More importantly,
by Jack McDaniel | 26 May
The single most effective form of direct marketing is through Email. Eh? Don't doubt it. There are plenty of stats that back up this statement. Spam mail may have tarnished the perception of email marketing but there is no doubt about the effectiveness of marketing to a list of people who have asked for your updates.
by Jack McDaniel | 12 May
Establishing yourself as an expert is important on several levels. First, it gives people a reason to visit your site on a regular basis. Second, you give them a reason to advertise your business. If people like the information your are giving them they will share it - and the source, you. Referrals, as we all know, are like gold to any business, better than any advertising response
by Jack McDaniel | 23 April
"How do I get more exposure?"

It's a question clients often ask. Given the current economic situation they also want to know how they can do it on a budget. This five-part series will show you how to achieve your goals over the next several weeks.

by Jack McDaniel | 09 February
Moleskinerie is one of the most popular sites online about the venerable Moleskine notebook. My article about My Web Design Process has been profiled on the site.
by Jack McDaniel | 07 January
Charlotte’s Web is a classic tale of friendship, trust and loyalty. Charlotte spins words into her web in an attempt to convince the farmer that Wilbur, the pig, is worth saving. Your website should take a lot of cues from Charlotte. In particular, it needs to build trust and friendship with those who visit and use it.
by Jack McDaniel | 17 November
I am often asked by clients what goes into designing a website so I thought I'd take some time and explain it now. All sites are unique. Some are very complex while others are basic.
by Jack McDaniel | 13 October
Our experience tells us that the universe can be defined - to no small degree - by mathematics. Some of the most exciting and memorable tales in human history are defined by numbers. The story Pythagorus and what ensued after him reads like a great adventure. Newton has been dead nearly 350 years and we all know of his accomplishments. Einstein - well, Einstein made math sexy. And then there is Ted Williams hitting .400. The list is endless.
by Jack McDaniel | 10 September
William Feathers once said: "Beware of the person who can't be bothered by details.”

Dig deeply into any work of art, any novel of note, and amongst its mountain of details you will find its excellence. Broad ideas, bold strokes, and colorful images are the signal posts of our world and how we navigate it, but it is only in the details that we can truly see its beauty.

by Jack McDaniel | 10 June
In tough economic times we are told to concentrate first on our existing customers. Retaining them can insure that your business continues and survives. All business, it has been said, comes down to relationships. The question is, in these tough times, how do you reach out to customers without spending a lot of money?
by Jack McDaniel | 29 May
Ask any business owner: Do you want a web site that shows up on the first two pages of a Google or Yahoo! search or on page 11? The answer is "of course, page 1." But, even though the costs are relatively small to put themselves in a position to do this, most will balk at added fees to get there.
by Jack McDaniel | 01 April
Building a proper website is more than just getting a few pictures to show up and making sure your links work. The underlying framework that gives the visitor a consistent and fulfilling experience is more important now than ever. Today, visitors to your site are coming to it using many different browsers and hardware devices. To capture their interest - and earn their business - you have to be prepared.
by Jack McDaniel | 12 March
Your small to medium sized business is growing or changing. Or, more likely, you need it to grow or change. Assume, if you will, that you need a new website or brochure. Do you view your new brochure or website as an asset that will add value to your company and corporate image and, if properly crafted, enhance your bottom line?
by Jack McDaniel | 05 February
As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time working with small to medium sized businesses. One question I always ask the people running them is: "What is the first thing people are likely to see regarding your company?" Invariably they will spend a minute or two thinking about it before saying, "Either my business card or my website."
by Jack McDaniel | 05 January
So, you've named your company and want a logo. Now, how are you going to create a brand? I know what you're thinking - aren't they the same thing? The answer is no, they aren't. Creating a brand goes way beyond a professionally designed logo. Branding is about message and image. It's about the impression you make upon your customers. Your logo and company name are part of the branding process - but only part. And keep this in mind: branding is a process, an ongoing, evolving and living thing. Bu
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